Coastal Living inspired by the past, devoted to the future

The way we remember it once was

There is a memory, a trace all Kiwis carry – a shadow of the golden past. A harking back to days gone by when summer lasted half the year, wild unspoilt beaches stretched on forever and seaside communities relaxed and mingled easily.

A time when fantails fluttered, bellbirds rang and wood pigeons swooped. And creeks ran pure through the bush. But all that was yesterday, all that is gone. Well, not quite – not just yet. There is still a magical place, a best kept secret, where all this remains – where all this, and more, can become your tomorrow.

Introducing an exciting new development truly like no other: Welcome to Buxton Gore Bay.

Outstandingly sensitive, sustainable living

Just 75 minutes north of Christchurch, Buxton offers some of the rarest and very best of New Zealand’s treasured coastal lifestyle. With prime views over stunning Gore Bay Beach and coastline, Buxton presents sensitive and sustainable permanent and holiday residential living. Land conservation values are integral to everything about Buxton.

It benefits from statutory designation as an area of “Outstanding Natural Landscape” – thus the protection of native bush and integrated regeneration of surrounding farmland. And the sensitivity of section positioning, dwelling, road and walkway placement, and the thoughtful approach of architectural design, to the natural terrain, vistas and historic Buxton Creek. Recognition and preservation of the area’s archaeological, cultural and community values pervades every aspect of this private conservation estate.

Never has such sensitive, long term eco-mindedness dovetailed so neatly into the lifestyle dreams and expectations of today’s discerning buyer.

A coastal lifestyle that spoils for choice

Buxton redefines modern recreational living. Right on your very doorstep is walking, swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, diving and tennis.

The Bay is famous for its natural beauty, with unique fossil-filled mudstone cliffs that beachcombers delight in exploring. Shellfish gatherers find the area a treasure trove.

Just 7 kms away lies Cheviot, enjoying a full range of cafes, shops and services. Within a stone’s throw are both Charles Wiffen Wines and Mt Beautiful Vineyard, while further beyond sprawls the viniferous wonderland of Waipara. The nearby Hurunui and Waiau Rivers offer premium fishing, including whitebait. Kaikoura is only 50 minutes to the north and Hanmer Springs is less than an hour away. And just 70 kms away is skiing at Mt Lyford Alpine Village.

If there was ever a development that epitomised ‘the best of both worlds’, this is it: natural beauty, seaside peace and relaxation, within easy reach of more lifestyle and recreational activities than you can dream of.

History, heritage and a bright new future

Discovered in European times with a shout from the decks of Cook’s ship Endeavour by Lieutenant Gore, Gore Bay was already known to local Maori of the Ngati Kuri and Nga Tuahuriri as Pariroa, or place of the long cliffs. It was a recognised safe berthing place for waka, and an important food gathering area with its rich abundance of birdlife, shellfish and tuna (freshwater eels).

Port Robinson, directly south of Gore Bay, is named after William ‘Ready-Money’ Robinson, a colourful late-19th Century land-owner farming a huge station ‘Cheviot Hills’ that stretched all the way from the coast to the Southern Alps. Robinson built a shoreline wharf to send off his wealth of produce by sea.

Today, this remarkable coastline remains a pristine reminder of the past, untouched by the intrusive coastal encroachments seen elsewhere over the last thirty years. Buxton is about preserving as much of the rich past as possible, while still creating an exciting and sublime long term vision for the area’s future.

Nurturing nature like never before

Buxton sets a new benchmark in providing for protection in perpetuity of its unique environment. A special designation – the Buxton Valley Management Area – has been approved by the Hurunui District Council. It entrenches rules and design guidelines to protect the area’s uniqueness in the district plan.

The concept of cluster design avoids randomly scattered adhoc development that would dissipate the qualities of the landscape, converting it into something less majestic than the decisive ridges, sweeping spurs, bush clad valleys and delicate Buxton Creek basin. Making full use of the site’s northerly aspects, Buxton effortlessly merges energy conservation into the natural landscape’s contours. Design guidance ensures sensitive compatibility throughout, without removing owners’ freedom of expression.

Eco-friendly sewer and storm water systems, the maintenance of ecologically vital vegetated corridors, new plantings including the regeneration of 60 hectares of existing farmland back to native bush, the creation of a linked network of secluded walkways and tracks – all are hallmarks of this new developmental consciousness. And thanks to the balance land being owned and managed by a Residents’ Association, owners need ever only concern themselves with their own private homes and sections, fully relaxed in the knowledge that Buxton’s conservation estate is in the best possible hands.

Clusters of seaside relaxation

Sections in Buxton are grouped into five linked clusters, providing the development with an easy intimacy that promotes genuine shared community, while also allowing for privacy and seclusion.

Building sites range from 450-850 sq m through to lifestyle 1500-4000 sq m sections, catering for everything from modern baches to comfortable family homes to architectural visions.

  • Stage One, Buxton Creek Terraces (illustrated), is the cluster closest to the beach, and hence section-sized appropriately to a holiday bach environment.
  • Stage Two, Buxton Basin, centred in the vale, is more connected to the bush, with delightful tree-fringed sea views.
  • Stage Three, the Southern Spur Clusters, offers even more elevated, sweeping coastal views.
  • Stage Four, The South Eastern Pocket and Eastern Plateau, provides ‘lifestyle’ sized sections with breathtaking sea vistas.

The impressive array of environmental protocols offered by Buxton are not just a nice idea waiting to be realised sometime in the future. With the completion of Stage One – the foundation stage – all protection mechanisms will be in effect. As well, all native regeneration plantings will have commenced. Plus, right from the word go residents can get out and amongst nature, with all tracks and walkways in place.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of development is Buxton Gore Bay?
Buxton Gore Bay is a bach and primary home community, which offers an outstanding coastal setting, with provision for recreation, regeneration and protection within a commonly owned private conservation estate.

What is the offer?
The offer is the purchase of fee simple residential section with an associated shareholding in the Buxton Gore Bay Residents Association.

What amenities are owned by the residents association?
In addition to the areas for regeneration and revegetation of native bush the Buxton Gore Bay Residents Association owns the tennis court, access tracks, horse grazing paddock and grazing land.

Who will undertake and finance the amenities?
Buxton Gore Bay Limited will undertake and finance the capital expenditure to complete the amenities and infrastructure to ensure compliance with the approved plan change and resource consents. The ongoing annual cost of managing and maintaining these assets will be the responsibility of the residents association.

Are non-residents able to use the facilities?
The tennis court and access tracks are available to all members of the general public.

Is the project consented?
Approval from the Hurunui District Council to the private plan change application to enable the project has been obtained. The project has also received Environment Canterbury resource consents for the discharge of wastewater, the discharge of stormwater and working in the margin of a waterway. The project has also obtained an Archaeological Authority from the Historic Places Trust. The project requires the approval of a subdivision consent application.

How many buildings can I build on my site?
The property owner is able to built one residential dwelling per section.

What services are provided to each residential section?
Each residential allotment is serviced to the boundary with water, telephone, power, wastewater reticulation and stormwater conveyance.

Are there any design controls?
There are key design control within the rules of the Hurunui District Plan which determine the location, size, height and colour of buildings to ensure compatibility with the locality. Other design matters specific to the project are covered within the Buxton Gore Bay Design Guidelines.
Do the property owners have to obtain design approvals?
All property owners have to obtained approval from the Design Approval Committee prior to obtaining a building consent.

What are the terms of payment?
A 10% percent deposit is required. The deposit can be by way of cash, deposit bond or bank guarantee. The balance of the contract price is to be paid at settlement.

Is my deposit secure?
All cash deposits are held in escrow with Buxton Gore Bay Limited’s solicitor. All interest earned on the deposit goes to the benefit of the purchaser.

When is settlement and possession?
The solicitor acting for Buxton Gore Bay Limited will give notice that settlement is due within 5 working days once the a searchable title is available through Land Information New Zealand.

Can building start before settlements and possession?
The property owner may start building on the site prior to settlement provided that a satisfactory security can be provided to Buxton Gore Bay Limited, its solicitor and project financier.


Buxton Gore Bay Limited

Phone: 0800 BUXTON (289866)

PO Box 3928, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand